Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watching YouTube iPhone Style (part 2 of 2)
3. When typing keywords,  you can choose to either keying in broad or specific keywords  in order to find videos within the site. Because of the phone’s keypad that is made virtual, typing in keywords is simpler in order for you to locate the videos of your choice.

4. When you are on the page indicating “Search results”, look for the icon saying “Video” then highlight it. In order to access the selected video, by using your index finger, press the icon downward. If there are any information that accompanies the video, it will be stated and displayed.

5. For the quick play options to begin, tap on the “Play” icon. It is centered at the bottom part of the screen. To go directly to the chosen video, you can prefer to skip viewing options. In order to access phone and YouTube tools, touch the space located outside the main screen. You will see tools like fast forward or rewind which will allow you to watch your preferred video at your pace. You will also see a sliding bar that will let you pick the part of the video where you can go to or go back from.

6. Lastly, iPhone allows its users to create your customized icon for YouTube. You can access this feature by simply choosing “More” on top of the screen.

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