Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watching YouTube iPhone Style (part 1 of 2)

Love watching YouTube? If you are that type of person whose day is not complete without watching videos streamed from the site, then lend a moment of your time because this can be very crucial for your YouTube watching life. Of course, this would be very much advantageous if you have an iPhone at hand otherwise this article is not for you. You can do more with your phone at hand – endless video streaming of the beautiful, the ugly, the gross, and the funny. Best thing is, you can upload videos! Give thanks to Apple and its iPhone venture because you, and the millions who makes YouTube a habit, can now enjoy watching all sorts of videos from YouTube 24/7.

It is said that Apple made its mark when it has sold a device capable of doing a lot of things being incorporated to it. And one of which is watching YouTube directly from the phone’s screen. This innovation has allowed owners of the phone to watch from millions of library entries with streams of new ones being uploaded daily. The great thing about it is that users can explore any kind of videos which goes from old to new ones without being in the fuss of learning a different search procedure. Compared to EDGE, the quality of video is undeniably much better.

 Here are the steps:

1. From your phone, you’ll be seeing an icon which states “YouTube”, select it. The icon can be easily recognized because it looks like a small television screen on your window. If you select this icon, it will direct you to the main page of YouTube.

2. The moment you’re inside the YouTube main page, click on the “Search” button in order to start your search. Remember, to touch the keys for YouTube keywords lightly in order to prevent common mistakes made by other users. You have to make contact with the field of keyword or else, your typing efforts will be worth nothing.

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