Monday, November 2, 2015

The Secrets and Tips In Body Language (part 2 of 2)

How You Can Detect Lying

A person lying is easy to determine through his eyes. When he cannot look straight into your eyes or is frequently removing his eyes from you, it means that he is being dishonest and may be hiding something. He would also tend to touch himself unconsciously. He would scratch his forehead, cover the mouth, or rub the nose. These are signs of discomfort due to the situation of lying.

Other signs indicative of lying are sweating, fidgeting, trembling, speech errors, body stiffness, and the like. However, people nowadays are already oriented that they will be caught lying when they cannot prolong eye contact; thus they try to maintain calm and prolong eye contact to cover up their lies.

Is She Or He Flirting?

The eyes can always send a signal of attraction.  Intense, prolonged eye contact is one flirting signal, as well as the three-step eye contact. When  one caught the eye of the other, he looks away, and then back again, it is a sure sign of attraction. Another common flirting signal that both men and women observe is smiling and preening.

Men flirt by showing their masculinity by standing tall and squaring their shoulders. Meanwhile, women loves to tease by tossing their hair, licking their lips, and showing some bare skin.

Acts Of Body Language You Must Avoid

These are negative signs that you should start avoiding when interacting with somebody: looking at the watch or clock and fingernails, crossing the arms, putting the hands in the pocket, holding objects in front of you, stroking the chin, squinting, forcing a smile, placing hands on the waist, rubbing the nape, slouching, tapping the foot, and the like.

Body language can truly send signals of emotions and state of mind. One needs only to learn how to understand how one acts in order to determine what is really going on in the mind of that person. That is the art of learning the secrets behind body language.

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